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Gulmakai Muhammad. Sarvar

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1968, she fled the country in 1996 and settled in Canada in 2005. She studied Business Development and Business Management at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, NS in 2012 and obtained several trainings in the management and business field.

She is passionate in helping others, she had a vision to establish and build an Afghani Society. She believes in connecting the society to other communities was a great motivator for her, as she knew by doing that, members of Afghan community will get easily integrated into the Canadian culture and helping each other.

Today she is, the founder, director and the president of the Afghan Society of Halifax since 2014.

The society is actively developing and organizing cultural events, educational programs for the Afghan-Canadians who are living in Nova Scotia. Not only that, Gulmakai is involved in organizing events to collect donations and help the orphanage back home.

Board of Directors

The board of directors are volunteers from different sectors, based on voting a general meeting is held every two years to choose a Chairperson. Voting is open to all Afghani members who are the age of 18 and above can vote to select a Society’s President from the board of directors members under the NS registration law. The Chairperson has the right to be elected three times after he/she has been voted for other board members.


Sarah Fazeli

Director-Officer and Vice President

Aziz Ashuri

Director-Officer and Treasure

There Gholami

Director-Officer and Security

Atlqulla Amiri

Director-Creative Manager and
Chief Executive Officer

Volunteer Support


Self-employed and Top Volunteer


Retired and Top Volunteer

Atlqulla Amiri

Self-employed and Director-Creative Manager and
Chief Executive Officer at Afghan Society of Halifax. Atiqullah was born in Panjshare, Afghanistan worked as Mathematic Teacher before moving to Canada





For more information contact Gulmakai M Sarvar at: 902-880 9664

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