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Afghan Society of Halifax

Who We Are

Afghan Society of Halifax is a registered corporation not-for-profit society established in 2014 and based in Halifax, NS.

We are a non-political nor a religious society. Our mission is primarily connecting and supporting the Afghani-Canadian community and connect them with other communities in Halifax, NS.

Afghan Society of Halifax is working towards helping our community’s culture and creating programs.

  • Provide volunteer opportunities encouraging the young generation to learn how to become leaders and thrive in their future.
  • Helping individuals show how to find job and get integrated into the workforce easily.
  • Helping newcomers’ grope, how to involve people become tother and building their community.
  • Helping the new nonprofit businesses, how to apply for grant to run their programs or events and much more information, they might need.
  • Our goal is bringing people together to promote their culture, language and their community.

The Society President

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Individuals of ASH Administration's Responsibilities

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For more information, please contact us!

Office Contact:
Phone: 902-406 0404 | Fax: 902-406 1041
Or by Email:

Gulmakai M. Sarvar
President of ASH

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