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Helping Afghan Orphan Children

In 2008 the Afghan Orphan Children Society was established and registered by Gulmakai Sarver. Her mission since then is helping the orphan children in Afghanistan.

In September 2012, Gulmakai went to Afghanistan to give a helping hand to one of the Orphanage Houses in Parwan Province in Afghanistan. She went their and to meet with the children and to assess their necessity needs.
Gulmakai was overwhelmed ad felt so sorry that she can not support all their needs and they were many!

Prawn's orphanage house has 130 children living there. Gulmakai had on her some money that she and her family put a side on a monthly bases as a donation for these children and some money collected form her friends as well, her contribution was 95% and her friends were 5%, with this amount she managed to buy for these 130 children:

• 130 Blankets
Two Washers
Two Vacuums
150 Notebooks
150 Pens, Pencils and Sharpeners
100 Jackets
100 Bins
15 of Soccer Balls
Two Kirkets to play with
5 Brooms

Your contribution is highly appreciate, if you would like to help please donate to us.

Thank you!

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Your Contribution is NEVER TOO SMALL!
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